About Info+ Telecom

Founded in May 2014, Info+ Telecom is a medium ISP / Eyeball / Cable headquartered in the city of Carlópolis, 350km from the capital of the state of Parana in Brazil, we serve as a transit operator for other providers in the region and serve 6 nearby cities.

Autonomous system number

Info+ Telecom operates using the AS265949 autonomous system.

Peering Policy

We have a selective peering policy that requires a minimum of 100 Mbps of traffic on the continent destined to or through its network. We welcome the opportunity to peer with responsible BGP speakers in an effort to improve the experience of our millions of users around the world.

We require an updated peeringdb entry for all public peering requests, including exchange information with properly formatted public mesh addresses, ASNs and NOC / peering contact information.

Peering Information

Suggested Prefix Limit

Contact Information

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Peering Contact
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Technical requirements

The following technical requirements also apply to peering with Info+ Telecom peers:

  • Have a publicly routed ASN.
  • We have a required minimum of 100 Mbps of traffic destined to or through your network. We welcome the opportunity to peer with responsible BGP speakers in an effort to improve the experience of all our customers' users.

Both parties must provide a 24/7 contact who can escalate critical issues in a timely manner:

  • Do not advertise prefixes with a mask greater than /24 for IPv4.
  • Demonstrate that routable publicly advertised prefixes and/or aggregates are currently visible in the DFZ.
  • Announce a consistent set of prefixes to Info+ Telecom at all interconnection points, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Send only traffic destined for prefixes advertised by Info+ Telecom.
  • Do not point to a default route on Info+ Telecom or use static routes to send traffic to our AS.
  • Set maximum default prefixes per session to 250 prefixes.
  • Register your prefixes with appropriate route / route6 objects in an appropriate IRRDB and maintain a complete and accurate PeeringDB listing. Info+ Telecom will use this data to build BGP prefix lists and we guarantee advertising accuracy from our peers (SFI, SBI and PNI) by implementing explicit filtering.
  • Generate prefix lists from AS-Macro AS-265949, registered in the TC.
  • Interconnects must occur at mutual locations, with a minimum of 2x 10G SFP + Ethernet interfaces, and interface capacity upgrades must occur in a timely manner to ensure a high quality end-user experience.


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